Judges 2-5

Judges 2-5

I’m back again again again for the ninth time.  Well Joshua has decided to die again, and the lord is going to teach all those scheming Israelites a lesson by sort of punishing them, then rewarding them the minute they complain, then repeating.

5 thoughts on “Judges 2-5”

  1. YES!!! You are back. I can’t wait to get to this crappy book of the bible to hear what you have to say about it. I’m still stuck back in Exodus. You are awesome! Don’t ever leave us again. I mean, unless you really need to. But then come back again. Thank you.

    – MJ

  2. Thomas, you are quite talented! How many I make a donation to you? Im probably over looking something because Im new to this wordpress, but I dont see an email from you.

  3. Hey
    I’ve just found your podcast, as my New Years Resolution is to read the bible. I really don’t wanna go with that horrible guy you were talking about. I love your skeptical analysis of the bible 🙂 I hope you come back to this project when you have time, because it’s by far the most entertaining way I’ve found to read the bible.

  4. Great podcast. I have caught up to you now (for me listening). Please continue doing podcasts! I know, it’s boring, but you do an excellent job and are very funny!

    You also need to update your copyright date to 2012.

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