3 thoughts on “Judges 6-8”

  1. Hello, this is Tom from the Cognitive Dissonance podcast. Wanted to stop in and tell you that Cecil and I really enjoy your show and would be interested in having you on as a guest sometime. I’m sorry to put this in comments, but I can’t seem to find an email link anywhere. If you are interested, email us at dissonance.podcast@gmail.com Even if not, I do want to say, hell of a show. It’s an ambitious project and you do a very fine job, quite hilarious.

  2. Just wanted to drop by and write something on here, I just found your podcast last week and I’m finding your reading much more enjoyable than any I’ve heard before. Instead of trying to make sense of nonsense, you just expose it for what it is. Keep up the good work, hopefully you are still putting out new episodes when I get caught up to where you are.

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