Joshua 22-Judges 1

Joshua 22-Judges 1

Long live Joshua, the one who died so quickly!  Dr. Joshua Kavorkian put us out of our misery quite mercifully.  Also, we’re starting a new book!  So far it reads like a bible but hopefully that will change.

5 thoughts on “Joshua 22-Judges 1”

  1. Hey, when are you going to do a new episode and stop your endless complaining with your brother? This is much better than that drivel.

  2. I am still way back in Exodus and I’m already dreading getting to the end of your podcasts. You are hilarious! I listen to podcasts at work. First I listen to a serious role-playing type deal, where it’s read like a script. Then I listen to yours. This helps me prepare for reading the actual bible. I have a simpleton blog where I record my observations. That’s why I’m torturing myself through this book. Anyway, you make me laugh out loud in my cube like 10 times per podcast. I hope someday you soldier on through this book because you are seriously hilarious.

  3. I’ve listened to all your bible podcasts. I love it and I’m anxious to hear more. It’s been 3 months since your last podcast. I see you’ve done some F this podcasts during the last 3 months. So you must still be alive. I have listened to a few episodes of F this Podcast. I like you bible readings much better. I think you should spend more time on the bible and less with F this podcast.

  4. This podcast isn’t half bad. It’s all bad, but with Irreligiosophy (R.I.P.) no longer spitting out new podcasts I have to search the interwebs to find a new source of entertainment. Thomas And The Bible is better than most atheist/skeptical podcasts out there, but there is definitely room for improvement. In short, you’re good but you still suck… slightly.

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