John 19-21

We’re finishing John! This particular account of Jesus’s death features some creative rewrites. It’s much smoother than the last ones. I think the authors really put in the extra effort in their revisions on this one and it’s certainly appreciated by this podcaster!

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John 15-18

Today we get almost to the end of this Jesus nonsense, for the 4th time. Highlights include Jesus telling god a lot of stuff… think about that… he’s God. He’s also Jesus. So it’s an omniscient being telling itself stuff it doesn’t know… ¬†Idiotic on a million levels.

Luke 24-John 2

It’s a Christmas miracle! A totally mediocre podcast! WOW! Oh also Jesus rose from the dead AGAIN and then we have to Groundhog Day it back to the beginning. Because John probably has totally new and interesting things to say about this boring story! Not!

One man, one year, one book so ridiculous you'll have to hear to believe.