Revelation 6-11

Some more Revelacion! But first, a SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL guest!!!! Oh my god it was a total surprise to me and it was the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Also god is totally going to reign. He’s going to rule the crap out of heaven, since that’s what gods do.

1 Peter 3-2 Peter 3

We’re finishing an epistle allegedly written by Peter and moving onto another epistle even more allegedly written by Peter. In it, he emphasizes how this is definitely not his first rodeo OR epistle, and that people are idiots for thinking the world isn’t ending any minute. Signed, 1900 years ago.

James 2-1 Peter 2

Oh cool some more boring letters to and from people we don’t know or care about. Kevin is back with a vengeance. His intro is killer. Several thousand dollars worth of studio magic went into his 40 second intro this week. He took out a second mortgage for this one. The least you could do is listen and slightly enjoy it, right?

Philemon-Hebrews 4

We’ve got a nice quickie in Philemon, a slave owner to whom Paul is trying to return a slave he found… And then we move onto Hebrews, which is an incredibly boring book about trying to make Jesus sound cool to Jews and stuff.

Make sure to go to to choose the future of the show, and to ensure that future happens!

2 Timothy 1-Titus 3

It’s more Psaul or is it? We’re not sure. Someone wrote these craps and we’re now forced to read them. That’s pretty much all there is to it. I don’t think we’re meant to be reading other people’s mail. It’s terribly dull and pretty meaningless seeing as how it’s 2,000 years later and I don’t know these people.

One man, one year, one book so ridiculous you'll have to hear to believe.