Numbers 10-13

Numbers 10-13

God gives Moses and the Jews a few trumpets to sound whenever they are in trouble which will save them (how has that been working?); god lights a few troublemakers on fire because why not; Moses was a special needs child; BONUS!  More names!  YES!

4 thoughts on “Numbers 10-13”

  1. Just came across you podcast. Very entertaining keep it up.
    I’ve tried to get through the bible a few times, once when I was a good Catholic and once more later in life as a rational person, never could make it past exodus.

  2. I love your podcast, Its the only way I have been able to push through this Bronze Age text, I just hope you havent quit on us, And Leviticus last chapters were hillarious

  3. Ha! I know it has been a while, but I’m actually recording a new podcast right now! It will be up in a few hours! Thanks so much for listening.

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