Genesis 47-50

Genesis 47-50

The good news:  we are finishing Genesis!  The bad news:  it’s every bit as boring as it has been.  So Joseph is pretty much king of Egypt for no reason, and later Evita/Jacob/Israel dies and all of Egypt mourns him!  Right.

2 thoughts on “Genesis 47-50”

  1. Your take on the Bible as an absolute outsider to its contents is so fascinating. I grew up on these stories and have read them numerous times, but your perspective on some things sheds them in a whole new light. In this episode, you talked about how incredible it is that a good servant would have come to be a mighty and cruel land baron with the pharaoh under his thumb. Some of the stories, like Lot getting drunk and banging his daughters, are easy to question, but on these other more run-of-the-mill crazy barbarian culture stories, you bring an angle that questions even the very purpose of the narrative.

    Great stuff, man. Really enjoying the show so far. Can’t wait until Numbers.

  2. I started listening to your podcasts when you were mentioned on “The Scathing Atheist” for doing the “Farnsworth quote”. I’m really enjoying your show. It’s funny that I had this bible crammed down my throat for years, and thought I knew it. Now that I’m an Atheist I am free to really see and understand the bible. You are helping me and others to now be amused and entertained, (greatly), by something that use to scare and terrify me. Thanks keep up the good work. May you have as many followers as there are grains of sand.

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