Genesis 32-34

Genesis 32-34 When he’s not pointlessly naming things left and right, Jacob is busy getting busy with rent boys.  Just goes to show the many ways in which the bible inspires Republican congressmen.  Then things become much less funny.  Really.  The bible is horrible.

2 thoughts on “Genesis 32-34”

  1. Loving the show! I finally got a fun way to plough through this pile of horse man… errr, holy book. 😀
    This particular episode gives an error, when trying to download it via the Podcasts app on my iPhone (and on iTunes too, at the computer). Had to get the mp3 file from here.

    Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Portugal, Europe.

  2. In chap. 34 after Jacob’s son’s had slaughtered the Hivites, you were upset with that. I think you may have missed something. I think you understood the relationship between Dinah and Shechem to be friendly. Shechem raped Dinah, that’s why Dinah’s brothers tricked the Hivites to circumcise themselves as so they could kill them easily. The terrible part of this is that the author of Genesis, rape is a crime against the honor of men rather than against a woman. Also your right Jacob did not care that the town’s men were murdered, he worried about his reputation, property, and life.

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