Judges 12-16

Judges 12-16

Samsonite… I was way off.  This reading has Samson and Delilah, the epic love story!  Except that it’s actually not so epic….  It is really quite hilarious how pathetic the actual story is, as told in the bible.  Tune in and find out!

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  1. Thomas, found your website through cognitive dissonance I’ve been on an extended road trip through Texas and your podcast made the drudgery of west Texas that much more depressing. 🙂 Seriously though you need to keep this podcast going I think it’s important for a skeptical reading of the bible to be out there for everyone to listen to so they can hear how ridiculous the entire thing is. Can’t wait till you get to the new testament it’s just as crazy. Keep up the good work, listening faithfully.


  2. I am jumping right into this and hopefully I am not disappointed…I heard you on the Cognitive Dissonance Podcast and I am giving you a try.

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