1 Samuel 20-1 Samuel 23

1 Samuel 20-1 Samuel 23

David and Jonathan continue their gay relationship right under Saul’s nose.  Meanwhile Saul completely disregards his duties as king in order to chase David around the galaxy trying to kill him for no reason.

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  1. Hello Thomas,

    I just found your podcast through the recommendation of a friend. I love the idea and I am totally on board here. I’m trying to decide whether I want to start from the beginning or just jump in where you are now. Starting from the beginning definitely appeals to the completionist in me. On the other hand, listening as they come out has the advantage of potential discussion with you and other listeners on the comments sections. It also is much easier to listen to through my phone through google listen, as opposed to downloading each mp3 file manually which can be a bit of a pain. I was wondering if you had a recommendation either way, and if you had additional arguments for one way or the other.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to the podcast.

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