Podcast is up and running!

Hey everyone,

I have released the introductory podcast and episode 1.  I will be releasing an episode per work day from here on out.  It’s about a 45 minute podcast per day, which may be a lot for some of you, but in order to reach my goal of getting through the bible in a year, it has to be that way.  Please listen and enjoy!!

Ok I just re-listened to Episode 1 and I’d just like to say that it definitely took me a minute to get used to this medium.  I still think it is funny and worth listening to, but I get much better at it as I go along!  So bear with me!

2 thoughts on “Podcast is up and running!”

  1. I just wanted to profusely thank you for doing this hilarious & educational podcast! Like you, I’ve always wanted to read the bible to see why people believe this stuff, but really don’t have the free time to do so. I must say…only having listened to the first six podcast..I’m hooked! I’ve laughed out loud more times than I can count (thank you for making my work day so much more enjoyable!), & at the same time..am completely boggled that anyone could possibly take ANY of this stuff seriously. It’s all so insanely absurd & fabricated! Keep up the good work!! You’re a delight to listen to!! =D

  2. Thanks a lot for the nice comment! The podcast is on a little vacation right now because of an impossible schedule situation so you have a little time to catch up. Hey I would really love it if you would review the podcast in iTunes. I’d just copy and paste your comment in there but that seems unethical…

    Thanks so much for listening!

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