Introductory Podcast

An Introduction

In this introductory podcast I talk about the purpose, my goals, my background, and some things we need to keep in mind going forward.

2 thoughts on “Introductory Podcast”

  1. Enjoy your podcast
    Keep up the good work
    I am a structural engineer, and I love knowing more about the bible than believers
    I listen to other podcasts such as 1) Skeptics Guide to the Universe 2) Irreligiosophy 3) Skeptoid 4) Reasonable Doubt 5) Thomas Jefferson, etc.
    Again thanks for your spending time reading the bible for us, it is a tremendous boost to my education to disavow the bible as a viable document

  2. Hi Thomas,

    I just started listening last week, and I’m now up to Jacob and
    Esau. I love your podcasts! Just what I’d been looking for. I’d been meaning to pick up a copy of the King James Bible for a variety of different reasons (though not for spiritual edification; I’m an atheist) but hadn’t gotten around to it. And now I don’t have to! I grew up in a fairly fundagelical church, and one thing that has struck me listening to your podcasts is that, while we talked about certain stories in sunday school (noah and the ark, lot’s wife turning into a pilar of salt) we didn’t talk about others (noah passing out drunk and nekid, lot’s daughters seducing him). If the Bible’s so danged important, why did we just sort of gloss over/skip over those parts? Could it be that they’re not suitable for kids? But is that right? Anyway, I hope you keep doing this, or else I might have to read the dang bible myself, and without the funny comments!

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