Genesis 21-24

Genesis 21-24

Abraham is a murderous psychopath; God is a forgetful moron whose hobbies include asking questions he already knows the answer to, and putting people through bizarre tests of faith he already knows the results of.

2 thoughts on “Genesis 21-24”

  1. Dear Sir,
    Your podcast is exactly what I needed for my morning commutes. I have been planning to read the bible for a long time but the damn book is so bloody boring. Listening to your version is the only way for me to tolerate it, and get me out of my ignorance. Keep up the excellent work, don’t stop. My favorite part so far: the “cutting the penis party.” That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
    Best Regards,
    Alex – in Dallas TX

  2. Thanks a lot! I’m really glad you like it. I hit a little hiccup with a family emergency that got me behind, but I will catch up today and keep it up. Your encouragement is very much appreciated!

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