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Big New Schedule Announcement!

Hey everyone.

After some schedule changes and stuff, I realized that it’s going to be impossible for me to maintain the 5 ep a week schedule.  I think I got a bit excited about the idea and got a little overzealous.  I really do want to continue at this pace and finish in a year, but I have to realize it’s not going to be possible.

So, I am going to have to cut it down to a weekly episode.  That’s right, it will now take the rest of my natural life to get through this whole thing.  I could see upping this to two episodes a week, possibly.. but I think this will be for the best though, because I won’t have to rush the episode to keep it at like 30-45 minutes.  Since it’s only one a week, I can take my sweet time.  If this kills anyone, let me know.  Feel free to comment here and tell me this is ruining your life.

Thanks a lot and I’ll see you with a fresh episode soon, I promise.

Podcast is up and running!

Hey everyone,

I have released the introductory podcast and episode 1.  I will be releasing an episode per work day from here on out.  It’s about a 45 minute podcast per day, which may be a lot for some of you, but in order to reach my goal of getting through the bible in a year, it has to be that way.  Please listen and enjoy!!

Ok I just re-listened to Episode 1 and I’d just like to say that it definitely took me a minute to get used to this medium.  I still think it is funny and worth listening to, but I get much better at it as I go along!  So bear with me!