Ruth 3-1 Samuel 2

Ruth 3-1 Samuel 2

Today we finish the charmingly boring tale of Ruth, then we move on to the charmingly boring tale of Samuel, some other loser priest.  Also, fck you, Rob.  You’re a total dck.  I suppose I should just ignore it but I think I’ll do the opposite.  Dck.

2 thoughts on “Ruth 3-1 Samuel 2”

  1. Woo Hoooo another episode, Thomas you have to get through this incredibly boring book using your wit to debunk it the entire time. The more you read the better you get at it. Your analysis the when god gives your tribe land it just means they are weaker than you was brilliant, and the fact that they then need an army to take over the land. Fuck this book you have to keep reading. By the way, you need to know we are just as bored as you are, let us know how we can help get you through this boring book. I’ll be listening.


  2. Hey Thomas, you have me hooked (I just started Numbers), but after your trouble at the end of Leviticus, I thought of a suggestion that I think will help you:
    increase your readership, allow for easier understanding, allow for easier jokes, make for less painful reading, etc. What you need to do my man, is switch to a different version of the bible. You are reading a damn tuff version. I suggest the New International Version (NIV). It is much easier to understand what is going on. Also, since your doing a podcast and researching stuff, I also suggest picking up a copy of the “Oxford NIV Scofield Study Bible”. It cross-references everything (including disputes by modern scholars) and has helpful informational “headings” letting you skim quickly for the story your looking for. This should help untangle you from the ancient wording and allow your wit to shine more. Especially as you get to the gospels.
    Great job so far, love your dedication!

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